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Hotel Accomodation Mouthe and its surroundings


Alpine Skiing and skating
Apartment G2
(5 sleeps)

Apartment G6
(5 to 6 sleeps)

Apartment G3
(6 to 7 sleeps)

Apartment G1
(8 sleeps)

Apartment G4
(9 to 10 sleeps)

Apartment G5
(7 to 10 sleeps)

Apartment G11
(11 sleeps)

Farm Cottage
France Jura

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 Farm Cottage
for group

Farm cottage
G14 (14 sleeps)

Farm cottage
G16 (16 sleeps)

Farm cottage
G18 (18 sleeps)

Farm cottage G20
(20 sleeps)

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We offer a selection of holiday apartments 3***, various forms of residence, many forms of leisure and a visit to Mouthe and surrounding area
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Meteo Jura

Comfort 3***

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Welcome to Mouthe (border Doubs, Jura, Switzerland) in Natural Park of Jura

         On this website, dedicated to the gites in Jura, we have selected, the holiday rentals of great comfort (classified 3*** by the” gites de France”) and recognized as such by "gites de France du Jura". We also invite you to discover Mouthe and its surroundings with its charming small village of Gellin, Pontets and Reculfoz, all located in the natural park of Haut-Jura, which is considered by the visitors as a juwel of purity, authenticity and freshness. For your holidays, you have the choice between different options:

         __if you are attracted by the formula hotel or bead and breakfast : choose the solution Hotel Accomodation, which you can, depending on the condition of your finances, change from  hotel to self catering formula. In fact, if you wish, you can : bring your sheets and towels, cook your breakfast and your dinner , take a caterer, etc. ... but it is also possible it is also possible to take full advantage of the service hotel with breakfast, lunch, half or full board. Every day, following your mood and the status of your wallet, it is up to you to select

           __ if your preference is to lease cottage, choose under apartment or farm cottage in accordance with their capabilities and go directly to the following sites, all 3*** and  located in the mountains of Jura:

If you have not foundd your happiness, please see our friends websites :

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